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The Official iThemes Review for Your WordPress Site

We know you’ve heard of iThemes. If you’ve spent any serious length of time in the WordPress community (or our Resources page), you’ll have likely come across their suite of tools, collection of training programs or library of blogs. 

They really are a shining beacon of support in a WordPress world which, for beginners, can seem pretty daunting.

We’re a practical bunch, though, and for all the praise that folks have showered upon iThemes, we couldn’t help but want to take a look for ourselves. 

What products does iThemes actually offer? Are they any good? And should you, as an affiliate, be interested? Let’s find out.

We all know iThemes is amazing! Find out the deets on this official #WordPress review where we break down #allthingsiThemes!

iThemes – The Plugins

There are nine core plugins that make up the full iThemes package. They span a range of categories, helping to improve your WordPress website on all fronts: security, user experience, appearance, functionality, and more. You can buy them either separately or as part of the company’s Agency Bundle (more on that later).

The undisputed highlight of the plugin suite is iThemes Security Pro, a fully-featured security powerhouse that will make your WordPress site nearly invulnerable to the intrusions, hijacks or malware attacks that can plague WordPress site owners. From two-factor authentication to file change detection, database backups to robust login security, the plugin truly covers all bases when it comes to site security,

Of course, that’s not to say that the other eight plugins aren’t worth their megabytes in gold. Here’s a rundown of the rest:

  • BackupBuddy – A tool for fully backing up your WordPress website.
  • iThemes Sync – Letting you manage multiple WordPress sites simultaneously.
  • Restrict Content Pro – Layering your site to allow for exclusive, members-only content.
  • Kadence WP – A powerful platform for creating WordPress themes.
  • WPComplete – A course completion plugin which helps students track their progress through your course.
  • BoomBar – Adds a dynamic notification bar to your website.
  • Content Upgrades – An email opt-in plugin which offers exclusive downloads or content in exchange for a user’s email address. Great for building a robust email list.
  • Landing Pages –  A creation suite for effective, seamless WordPress landing pages.

iThemes – Pricing and Bundles

Buying any iThemes plugin entitles you to the plugin itself (obviously) in perpetuity, as well as one year of free updates and top tier support.

After that year, you will still own the plugin, but you won’t automatically receive support or any updates released by the iThemes team. Of course, you can always pay a second time to receive a further year of update and support coverage.

Prices for the plugins range from $99 to $249, depending on their respective scope; you can also buy all nine as part of the aforementioned Agency Bundle. Costing $749, this bundle includes all nine plugins—with a year of continued support for each—as well as an extra 50GB of backup storage and a year of access to iThemes’s extensive training program (worth over $1000).

iThemes – Affiliate Program

Do you like what you hear about iThemes? Think your audience (whoever they may be) would be interested in discovering their products and services? Great news: the company has an existing scheme for eager affiliates!

They offer successful affiliate program applicants 25% commission on sales generated through links. That’s 25% on all iThemes products: plugins, training courses and bundles. Payment is sent at the end of each month for the previous month’s earnings. All told, that’s not a bad affiliate scheme.

Plus, with such a robust suite of services, iThemes is an easy one to promote!

A is for A Wrap-Up

There are no two ways about it, iThemes is a superb all-in-one solution for getting your WordPress site looking great, feeling good to use, and being safer than a lead-lined safe on the moon.

Got any questions about getting started with becoming an affiliate? Get in touch! We’d be happy to show you the ropes or direct you to one of our insightful blog posts.

Until then, sloth on! 

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