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Understand Your User Experience

Understanding the user experience is an essential aspect of any company hoping to promote their goods or services successfully.  Without the ability to analyze the user experience, we have no way to understand if the content or product needs to be changed to become more successful.

The elements of the user experience are commonly known as UX.  The term UX not only applies to physical products and services, but also with what a user experiences when it comes to the online world.  

Let’s take a closer look at UX so that we can truly understand the user experience.

For this article, we will focus on UX concerning a service, such as a website. UX encompasses the positive AND the negative feelings a user experiences when visiting a website. Obviously, we don’t want our customers to experience negative emotions when it comes to our services, and that is why understanding UX is so important.  

Understanding the user’s experience helps us improve existing services, and helps ensure the success of future services as well.  UX is crucial for affiliate marketers.  

If we become an affiliate of products we want to promote, we need our visitors to remain on our website, so they will click through and buy!

So what elements make up UX? We will cover five significant aspects that if properly addressed, should keep UX pretty positive.

Initial Impressions

You must make a great first impression! 

If we are talking about a website then we can probably expect that the one thing that will generate a poor first impression is speed. No one wants to click on a website that takes forever to load.  

If your website takes too long to load you’ve already lost that potential user to another site that can provide the convenience of speed. That’s one of the most significant advantages of the internet, right? Convenience. We have the world at the tips of our fingers and no one wants to wait to have access to it.  There are plugin options you can use to increase the speed of your site.  WP Rocket is a fantastic caching plugin!

How attractive is your site? By that I mean, how appealing is it to the eye? Have you thought about things such as text color and background color? Are you running a blue text on a black background that causes your user to have to squint to see the words? Do you have stunning visuals that attract a user and entertain them or do you have a text laden sight with no visual stimuli?  

An appealing website that is easy to read is part of your website’s first impression.  Pick a theme for your website that is simple, uncluttered, and engaging to your reader.  

Take a look at our Resources page for the best theme options.

Ease of Use

So you’ve managed to make a good first impression. That’s awesome.  

Now we have to worry about the ease of use. How easy are you making it on users to find what they want? Do you have a landing page that takes forever to scroll down to the bottom? Do you have accurate and relevant navigation bars? 

If you have an archive of information, are you making it easy for users to search for content that applies directly to them? If not, they are gone. 

Take the extra time in developing your website’s pages to enhance your user experience, so that your user doesn’t have to take the extra time looking for what they want. Convenience, right?  

Elementor is the best page builder in the business.  They will help you build the pages for your site with convenient features for ease of use.


How much depth does your site have? Does it just have a few products or maybe just a couple of well-written articles? If so, you are losing out on a lot of potential users. 

Make sure that your content isn’t too narrow. If it is too narrow, then you’re only attracting a small audience. I’m not advocating that you make it super broad either, as users may get lost in a sea of content, but don’t make it too narrow. 

Explore the different aspects of the subject of your content and then make sure what you include in your site is relevant to all aspects of the topic.


Post often and be relevant.  Have you taken the time to research up to date information? Make sure that your content is up to date. 

Everything is constantly evolving, and this means that your content should be too. Make sure that you don’t get carried away on a side tangent and lose the focus of your user. If you include something in your site it should be for a reason, and your users can relate.


How consistent are you in using all of these elements on your site as a whole? Make sure you apply these elements to your landing page, and every page on your site. 

If you have used the elements  on the first page your user visits then they are going to visit a secondary or tertiary page, and those need to contain the features we have explored here, as well.


We want to emphasize the importance of understanding your users’ experience. The sooner UX can be understood and addressed, the sooner we can be more successful with affiliate marketing and all our online endeavors.

Do you have some tips on how to improve UX?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you! 

Learn more on how to ” Post often and be relevant.”

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