Successful WordPress Affiliate Program Pages (2020)

WordPress affiliate programs

Successful WordPress Affiliate Program Pages   

We’ve had the privilege of working with WordPress for over ten years. We’ve watched it grow from a smaller community to one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. It’s been a ride, that’s for sure! 

The WordPress community includes hundreds if not thousands of companies, organizations and freelancers that help make it amazing. We are so fortunate to be one of them! *wipes tear 

Along the way, we’ve helped some pretty awesome companies grow some pretty awesome affiliate programs. We are going to take a peek inside their affiliate programs to see what makes them so successful. We have a personal connection with each one of these (and we’ve helped them grow) so this comes from the A is for Affiliate heart. 

Let’s talk about how these successful WordPress affiliate program pages do their thang. We will cover what they did right, how they made it easy to join and what tips they used to get more affiliates under their wing. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket Affiliate Program Page

WP Rocket just rocks, don’t they? 

WP Rocket’s affiliate program is as easy as 1-2-3. Not only do they quickly go over who they are and how they can be useful, they talk to their visitor like they are a real person. That is the goal. No schmooze, no BS, just straight forward – so you want to make some affiliate money, huh? Yes, yes, we do WP Rocket. Thanks. 

One of the other rockin’ things they do is go over how ShareASale works with actual screenshots and step-by-step instructions. That’s one of the things that confused people MOST is the set up of the payment network. Before you even sign up, you have a clear visual of this and they make it easy to navigate.

Lastly, at the very end of their page on affiliates, they thank you. It’s the little things but thanking someone who is joining a program goes a long way in the marketing world. When was the last time you had someone thank you before you even clicked? Way to be sincere, WP Rocket team! 

P.S. A is for Affiliate may or may not have single handedly helped build the WP Rocket team so we know it is awesome….just sayin’.


Weglot Affiliate Program Page 

Weglot is a translation and multilingual WordPress plugin with a killer rating. How cute is their affiliate page? “Let’s translate the internet together!” I want to be friends with them just because of how cute they are. 
One cool thing that Weglot does on their affiliate marketing page is they showcase actual client who has used the plugin. Nothing better than a quick testimonial or customer review to help us understand that you have a good product and it would be easy to recommend as an affiliate marketer. 
The affiliate marketing page for Weglot is simple, clean and right to the point. We have a plugin, you can make money off of referrals, here’s the pricing and bam – sign up. They also used the world “family” in their ending paragraph and who doesn’t want to extend their WordPress family? 



BlogVault Affiliate Program Page 

BlogVault is a super sweet security plugin for WordPress. Right off the bat, BlogVault is doing things right by having Affiliate landing page located at the top of their website. 

Most people feel that their affiliate program link should live at the bottom of their website, almost as an afterthought. Putting it on your header helps it to get front and center for people to join and learn more about it right away. 

Secondly, the first paragraph gets right into how much their affiliates can earn. We don’t want to make it all about the money, but it kind of is, isn’t it? BlogVault even goes into the exact percentages of earnings for referring and receiving. People love real numbers! 

BlogVault Affiliate Program

Offering information about your affiliate program up front instead of hiding it behind a “join now” link has a very transparent and trusting feel to it. As you learn more about BlogVault’s program you get a feel for how open the company is as a whole. 

Lastly, one of the awesome things they do is let you know exactly what you get when sign up right there under benefits and marketing. You know precisely how BlogVault is going to help you be successful, simply by the offerings they have for you – which include marketing kits, tracking and data reports, unique links and dedicated support help. 

Bottom line is they make it very easy to be an affiliate and people like easy. 

BlogVault wants you to have a successful affiliate program and it shows! 👏


A is for Affiliate

AisforA Wrap-Up: Successful WordPress Affiliate Program Pages

Here at A is for Affiliate, we love successful WordPress affiliate programs. It is actually hard to set up a page, make it work and convert those affiliates – we get it! 

Never fear, the A team is here! We can help! We put together a team of experts who can do it for you. A is for Affiliate is here to help build a killer affiliate marketing program page for you or your company. 

Reach out to the A team for a free consultation on how to set up your affiliate program page today and start making money! It’s really fun to make money! 

-A is for Affiliate Team

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