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We know how annoying it can be to find the information you need to properly monetize your website! So, we’ve made it our mission to never push products that won’t help you do that very thing.  Not to mention, if you have a simple question, we’ll just answer it 😉 No beating around the bush.  Oh, and you wont have to scan through miles of posts to find information!

know your audience

Before you do anything, make sure you know and  understand your target audience.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is spreading their net too wide.

Understand your user experience

It’s important to remember that online first impressions mean everything! If your target audience lands on a slow, poorly laid out website, your bounce rate will most likely be high.

Post Relevant Content

Content is King.  Google’s algorithm is constantly improving but one thing stays true, if you don’t have relevant up to date content, your ranking will not improve.

remain responsive across all devices

We live in a mobile world.  Be sure that your site not only looks beautiful and is easy to read on larger devices, but is simple enough to understand on mobile ones.


The most important thing, when it comes affiliate marketing, is supporting companies with stellar reputations.  Nothing will hurt your bottom line more than working with companies that just “pay out the highest.” Below, you will find who, we believe, have the best reputations in the industry.

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Hosting is like the property you purchase when you are ready to build your house. There are all types of landscapes and maintenance involved. Your job is to decide what best suits your needs and desires.

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The domain you choose is your website's address. Similar to the address of your home, it is unique to your location. It is fun to customize it to show your audience what you're all about.

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Page Builders are like the construction company you hire to build your home. There are so many out there, but only a few that are considered reliable and easy to understand.


Themes are like your home catalog. There are so many design options, color schemes, fonts, layouts and much more. They are similar to home designs, in that, they vary in price depending on where you're interests lie.

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Think of Plugins like the utilities in your home. There are certain things you can't live without, like water, heating and power. Similarly, you're website can't properly function without specific tools and features.

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Just like an electrician or a contractor, sometimes you need assistance in making changes to your home. Working with a quality support agent can mean the difference between your site crashing or flourishing.

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