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Weglot- Make Your Website Multilingual

Weglot is a translation and multilingual plugin that can make your website translated into many languages within a few minutes. Whether it’s to increase your audience or reach new customers, using a translation plugin can help you with that, and Weglot is one of the best.

With more than 100+ languages available, you can reach out to so many more customers and keep them coming back. Since its release in 2016, Weglot has quickly gained success and has become one of the most popular translation plugins.

In this article I will go over some of Weglot’s features and just how easy it is to use. So whether you are a WordPress pro or a beginner, you can get your website getting so much more attention because you can reach people from all around the world.

Rating and Reputation:
  • Join the 50,000+ websites that are already using Weglot, they also have a WordPress rating of 4.9/5.
  • After they first released Weglot took off and quickly became one of the best translation plugins out there. 
Your Website can be integrated in minutes:
  • With a plugin or a script you can have Weglot integrated into your site within minutes.
  • Once installed Weglot can automatically detect and translate your content.
Managing your content:
  • You also have the option to review and manually edit your translations through a simple interface.
  • Collaborate with your team.
  • If you are needing more help with translations, you can order help from professional translators. It is important to note that access from the professionals is only offered with the premium plans.
  • There are over 100+ languages that Weglot supports.
Reliable and Powerful:
  • Weglot follows Google best practices in terms of multilingual SEO.
  • Weglot is generated quickly and dynamically, causing all of your translated pages to be properly indexed and built to help you scale.
  • With as reliable and powerful as they are, Weglot does not sacrifice your websites speed or performance.

Here is a quick tutorial if you need a little help installing Weglot!

Go to your admin dashboard and click on “plugins” and “add-new”.

Search for Weglot.

Find the Weglot plugin and click on install now.

When installed, click on the “activate plugin” link.

Once installed and activated properly, go to the Weglot tab.

Once there, make sure to click the blue “Weglot” text under “API Key”. This is where you can create an account and receive your API Key. Add your API key, your original language and your destination languages.

Pricing and Contact info:

Now that you know some of the amazing features of Weglot and what they can do for your website let’s talk about pricing and ways to contact them. Weglot offers a few different plans that you can choose from, they range to monthly or yearly plans. When choosing what works best for you keep in mind that pricing depends on two variables, how many words that are in your project, and the number of translated languages you need.

They definitely have something for everyone and their needs. Check out their page for more info on all their licenses at If for any reason you need to get a hold of someone because of a problem, you are more than welcome to contact them at

Now we know that Weglot is easy to set up and we know some of their prices. What else can they do for you? I think one major detail is that you can reach so many more customers and increase sales, because people are more likely to buy when content is in their own language.

Weglot is also one of the few solutions out there, of any kind, that transcends web management systems. It is compatible with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, JavaScript, BigCommerce, and so many others. Plus, Weglot is 100% compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins!

Weglot can integrate into your website seamlessly, and can adapt to your technology. They also provide an easy way of managing your translations, and taking out the difficulty of web translation. Weglot  has so many more features that I need to mention, so that you can see why they have quickly become so successful.

Added Features:
  • You have the option for a default language, or you can let visitors choose the language that they would prefer with a drop-down menu.
  • You can choose the languages that you would like your website translated into.
  • With automated language redirection, they can actually detect the language the user is using based off of browser history and geographical location, and then serve them pages in that language.
  • With some premium plans you can use Weglot on multiple sites.
  • Weglot has a way for you to track the popularity of your translated content, with their built-in pageview statistics.
  • There is a live chat option so if there is a pressing matter you can contact someone from their great support team and get that taken care of.
  • You have the option to translate your email and AMP.

If you want, Weglot offers a 10 day free trial so that you can see what it’s like to have a premium plan. There is no risk guaranteed! After trying it out, you will come quickly to realize how great Weglot is.

You can actually earn money by promoting Weglot to your friends with their affiliate marketing program. Sign up is free and easy, once you have done that you start promoting Weglot with your special referral link and then you can earn a 20% commission on every sale you generate. Weglot is also one of the only affiliate programs that will continually pay you for the life of that customer, so if they buy again you will get paid!


With so many other plugins out there, there are none that can do as much as Weglot. From such a simple set-up, to how easy it is to manage and edit all your translations, SEO friendly, and all with just a few clicks. Stop losing potential clients and try Weglot for yourself and make your website international overnight.

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