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In order for your website to rank well in search engines, and to maintain positive user experience it needs to load quickly. This is where WP Rocket comes in to help, they are recognized as one of the best caching plugins by WordPress experts.

Caching temporarily stores your web documents, such as HTML pages and images. So long story short, your web browser stores copies of web pages that you have recently visited so that it can help with your website’s bandwidth usage, server load, and in the long run can also help with lag. Caching is very beneficial and a great technology that can help with faster load times, without sacrificing anything in the process, increase SEO scores, and increase user satisfaction.

WP Rocket has some great features that can be very beneficial to anyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Fast and Easy set-up:

There is no messing around with complex plugin settings, because once installed WP Rocket launches upon activation.

 Page Caching:

Caching creates super fast load time, which is essential for improving SEO. Once WP Rocket is turned on, page caching is immediately activated.

 Cache Preloading:

Their crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, that way the indexing of your website’s search engine is greatly increased.

 Static Files Compression:

Through minification WP Rocket can greatly reduce the weight of your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files. With lighter files, that means faster load time.

 Images on Request:

With this feature it can improve the load time of your page, because images are loaded only when they scroll down the page. So many  major websites use this like Facebook and Youtube to just name a few.

 Developer Friendly:

Of course WP Rocket’s code is developed according to WordPress best practices. They are clean and they have loads of hooks so developers can make advanced customizations easily.

It is so easy to start customizing once you have uploaded and installed WP Rocket, you will have instant access to the dashboard, and from there you can customize everything you want on each tab.

Each tab is easy to see and use to optimize your site.

You can choose what kind of Add ons you want on the dashboard.

You can manage your cache options with ease.


Depending on what you need WP Rocket has three licenses that you can choose from. Each license comes with so many features and comes with the support of an amazing team. If you have questions about something not working quite right or just have a question you can always contact them at Below are some screenshots of the licenses and their prices, if you have more questions or concerns check them out on their page at

U.S Dollars



Yes! There are free plugins out there, but they are very complicated to set-up, don’t have great support, and honestly don’t offer or provide as much as WP Rocket. You get 1 year of support from their engineers and development team with whichever license you choose from.

Upon activation you instantly have control over what is cached and when, and all on a simple interface that is easy to use. Also you are saving so much time because there is no need to configure crazy plugins and work out compatibility issues.

Hopefully by now you have some good ideas of what WP Rocket is, and all that it can do for you. WP Rocket is a premium plugin and it is totally worth it. You can save yourself so much time and headache trying to fine tune your site to perfection, because they take care of most of that for you. We all know the saying,” Time is Money”!

Added Features:

Now with each of these licenses you get so many features with it. Each license comes with the same features, the only difference is the number of websites that you can have WP Rocket installed on.

Quick Set-up- It’s fast and simple, with no programming knowledge.

Page Caching- Helps with load times, and page caching is immediately activated.

Cache Preloading- Simulates a visit to preload the cache, indexing of your site by search engines is improved.

SiteMap Preloading- To ensure your cache is always warm you can preload all your URLs in your sitemap.

GZIP Compression- To save bandwidth, they facilitate the work of the browser.

Browser Caching- Your static content is stored in the browser, so when a visitor goes to another page on your site that static content does not need to be loaded again.

Database Optimization- Keep your database clean by regular clean ups and keep it running smoothly.

Google Fonts Optimization- Less HTTP requests, which can help with a faster site.

Remove Query Strings from Static ResourcesWith removing query strings from CSS/JS files you can improve your GT Metrix grade.

Lazyload- Images are only loaded as they scroll down the page.

Minification/ConcatenationReduces the weight HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. With lighter files, that means faster load times.

Defer JS LoadingAt the end of the rendering of your page, then JavaScript files are loaded.

CloudFlare Compatibility- Integrates with CloudFlare even easier, and take care of everything from your WordPress dashboard.

CDN- You can use most CDN services.

DNS Prefetching- They offer a tool to help with the time of DNS resolutions.

Mobile Detection Give your visitors on a mobile device all of the same features with one click.

Multisite CompatibilityUse WP Rocket with WordPress Multisite.

eCommerce Friendly Automatically excludes the cart and checkout pages from caching.

Multilingual CompatibilityUse seamlessly with many multilingual plugins.

Connected Users- Give all your connected users all the features.

Import/ExportImport your favorite settings with the import/export tool.

Developer Friendly- Easy for developers to make advanced customizations.

Try WP Rocket for yourself, there is no risk guaranteed!


Whether you are a WordPress pro or a beginner, with just a few clicks you can have a website that performs with faster load times, which will appeal to customers and keep them coming back. Join the 698,000+ websites that are already being optimized by using this plugin.

Wanting to also make more money with WP Rocket, then you should join their affiliate program. It’s easy to join and it’s free! Promote WP Rocket using your referral link, and then earn 20% commission on every sale that you generate.

Try WP Rocket for yourself and see how they can optimize your site, like so many others.


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