The Events Calendar WordPress plugin

The Events Calendar: WordPress Plugin Review

As a WordPress website owner, you may have some events planned. Do you have The Events Calendar plugin? If not, you should! 

As someone always going in this crazy busy 21st century, your working life will undoubtedly be jam-packed with exciting plans – ones that your customers, clients and followers will want to be kept informed about.

Enter The Events Calendar WordPress plugin, ladies and gentlemen! The team at A is for A recommends this plugin above all else and we’re going to tell you why… 

This plugin has earned itself a dominant place in the WordPress plugin market by being free and easy to use all while having endless potential for customizability.

Needless to say, we’re blown away by it.

Do you have a WordPress calendar plugin? Well, if you have a calendar in your life, you need The Events Calendar #plugin. We love it and reviewed it, just for you. #WordPresspluginreview

Who’s It For? 

Do you have a calendar? Then it’s for you! 

The Events Calendar is suitable for small businesses, community organizations, developers, performers, events organizers, educators and more, but is it suitable for you? We’ve put together a comprehensive rundown of what The Events Calendar has to offer, so you can make that decision for yourself!

What Does It Do?

In its most stripped back form, The Events Calendar is…well, a calendar for your WordPress site, albeit a seriously outstanding one. 

It lets you compile all the relevant information regarding any number of upcoming events in one handy place. As we made clear in our “Understanding Your User Experience” blog, your website must be simple and easy to understand, and this plugin is a major step on the path to achieving that.

Plus, it’s bursting at the seams with useful features, including:

  • Multiple timescale views – Showing your events over the coming day or month, or as a concise list.
  • Keyword Search – Letting guests search for events with specific search terms.
  • Event categorization features – To separate your talks from your promotions, and your shows from your meetups.
  • Easy importing and exporting – It lets you import calendar information in or out to other calendar software using CSV files.
  • Time zone support – Automatic time zone adjustments to keep all users up to speed, wherever they are in the world.

Why Is It Useful?

On top of the obvious advantages which come from keeping your customers and followers in the loop on your comings and goings, you’ll also greatly benefit from the continued support of The Events Calendar team! With frequent updates, bug fixes, and new features, The Events Calendar will ensure that your website’s calendar is always a cut above the rest.

There’s a reason the plugin is used by organizations like Harvard and the Smithsonian, all the way to Warner Bros: it works straight out of the box but can be customized in a multitude of ways.

Of course, if you’re looking to get the most from The Events Calendar, you might want to consider signing up for the Pro version of the plugin…

What’s Up With Events Calendar Pro?

While the basic plugin is free, website owners looking for a more robust, fully-featured calendar experience will want to invest in Events Calendar Pro. 

Much like the company’s other plugins (Event Tickets Plus, Virtual Events, Community Events etc.), Events Calendar Pro dramatically expands the functionality of the base plugin. Costing $99, the Pro plugin includes:

  • Google Maps functionality – Helping guests find out where an event is taking place.
  • One year of updates and support – Hands-on support for any issue you may be experiencing with your Events Calendar plugin.
  • Recurring events – Automating regularly scheduled events.
  • Shortcode integration – Letting you place your calendar anywhere on your site or create excitement-generating features like event countdowns.
  • Location search – Enabling visitors to view events in proximity to them.
  • Venue and organizer pages – Highlighting the venues and organizers making your events possible.

The Events Calendar Affiliate Program

Interested in spreading the word of this top-notch WordPress plugin? The Events Calendar team is open for affiliate partners, and they offer 25% commission from sales generated from affiliates’ links. 

Remember, building strong partnerships is one of the most important elements of successful affiliate marketing, so you’ll want to join up with good partners when they come along!

A is For A Wrap-Up

The Events Calendar is a sure-fire way to improve your website and let your visitors know that you’re organized and ‘on the ball’.

If you’re looking to become an affiliate partner of The Events Calendar but need some guidance on how to get started, feel free to get in touch

Our team will be happy to lend you a hand or guide you towards a relevant A is For A blog post, written by one of our hardworking team members.

Until then, sloth on! 

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