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Building Links and Partnerships

If you are going to be an affiliate marketing master, you will need to learn the art of building links and building partnerships. They are actually equal in our book. 

Google needs to be your BFF when it comes to building a website, we know this. However, the way to Google’s good side is to build links the natural, organic way – and that means building connections with actual people. Yep, partnerships. 

This amazing article that you are going to love so much is going to include key ways to build links and partnerships the good old fashioned way. 

We are going to tackle how to build links organically, how to build lasting partnerships and how to maintain and sustain both. 

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How to Build Links Organically 

What do we mean by link building? When you are trying to grow your website, it’s important to grow the links inside them as well! 

To get technical, you want to include external domain links to high ‘Domain Authority’ websites that have the potential to backlink to your website. It’s a “sharing is caring” situation, like the Care Bears

What does ‘Domain Authority’ have to do with it? 

According to the SEO masters at Moz, Domain Authority aka (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages aka (SERPS). A DA score ranges form 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

In other words, the higher the rank, the more valuable your website is to yourself and others. 

How does linking to higher DA websites help you? 

When you provide a link to a website with a higher DA you have the potential to earn a backlink to your website from a trusted and valuable resource. The key to that sentence is earning backlinks organically because all links are not created equal. 

When you create content, which you should be doing consistently because content is king, you want to feature, cite or quote others in a positive light throughout your article. Respect their expertise and cite them with appropriate external links referring to their website. 

It doesn’t just stop at adding the link to your content through, because then it’s just sitting in the interweb cyberspace waiting for attention. You have to be bold! You need to reach out and actually let them know that the article exists. 

How do you get people to notice your organic links? 

There is a science behind building links and that brings us to our next important topic of this article, believe or not! Building links is equally important as building partnerships. Let’s be honest, we are not always going to meet people IRL and instantly become BFFs. Lots of acronyms, keep up. 

There are ways to naturally build website traffic organically, so listen up! 

You will want to sincerely and genuinely reach out to each person linked with a personalized email. Don’t start the conversation with anything about yourself, it’s all about them…let’s dig into the building partnerships talk now. 

AisforA Bonus: Here are 10 Link Building Hacks You Need to Know by Search Engine Journal. This is a killer article that really nails some hidden secrets behind the link building game. link

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How to Build Lasting Partnerships 

What is the core of every partnership? Each participant in the partnership is getting equal value out of it. And they also have to be super cool. 

Partnerships can be one of the best and lucrative things you can do when you’re building a brand or a website. How do you create partnerships when you work remotely? You need to get creative with it. 

How do I use content to build partnerships that last? 

When you create valuable content, it not only provides a free resource to your visitors but it also allows the opportunity to build relationships. Content for the win, again! 

Incorporating high domain links to respected “potential partners” can be the key to meeting new people. You write a magical article that is chock full of valuable information and you include 10-15 links to experts in the industry. 

Congrats! Now it’s time to get your content in front of the right people. 

Craft an amazing email draft. Make it the most personalized email ever and compliment them. Don’t sell ANYTHING, don’t even mention what you do. Just compliment their expertise and tell them something amazingly positive.  Share the article as an afterthought and pose it as a feature, nothing more, nothing less. Nonchalantly express an interest to collaborate. Use that word too! A collaboration is way better than a proposal, don’t you think? 

Try it, let us know what you think! Also, P.S. we are always looking for new partners to spotlight, so reach out to the AisforA Team.  

AisforA Bonus: Remember this scenario when you’re building partnerships. Don’t be that friend that doesn’t listen to the other friend telling a story but instead is waiting to tell their ‘better’ story. Be the friend that’s genuinely interested, attentive and excited about their story. Be the better friend.


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AisforA Wrap-Up

What did we learn? Build links and build partnerships organically, easy as pie, right? Listen, we get it, it’s time consuming and hard. That’s why we are here! We are super excited to be able to help you learn how to build links and partnerships that last.

At A is for Affiliate, we are super passionate about making great websites even greater. Your website is a gold mine if you can just learn the tips, tools and trade of affiliate marketing. 

Too much for you to handle on your own?

That’s okay! We put together a team of experts who can do it for you. A is for Affiliate is here to help build links, build partnerships and build YOU up.

Reach out to the team and start a bomb affiliate program today or just build some lasting partnerships. Catch you on the flip side! 

A is for Affiliate Team

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