Post Relevant Content

Post Relevant Content


You have determined your target audience. You know your audience’s likes and dislikes; its needs and wants. You have developed an engaging website that optimizes your user’s experience. You are now ready to create some fabulous content to share on your website and social media. 

Quality content will get your journey started in affiliate marketing and you will be well on your way to becoming an affiliate to products you pick!  You should be familiar with relevant content marketing.


What does “relevant” mean? When a matter is relevant, it is important to the issue at hand and appropriate for a particular purpose. 

Relevant content is materials that your audience determines is informative, engaging, useful, and smart. That is quite a tall order and is going to take some work, but creating relevant content is critical to the success of your online business.  Relevant content posted regularly will continue to bring visitors to your website.

Criteria for Content Creation

There is a vast array of content you can create. Content can include blog posts, ebooks, case studies, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, social media posts, and white papers. White papers are in-depth reports that are valid, trustworthy, and persuasive. They present solutions to problems.

Let’s take a look at some criteria that will help you in creating some effective and meaningful content.

Know Your Brand

First, know who you are! 

Take an in-depth look at your brand, its message, and its goals. Determine what kind of content fits your brand. Is your brand the fun-loving guy next door? Or is it the guy full of educated information. 

Develop content that stays true to your brand. You will become a trustworthy and honest resource to your target audience.

Know Your Audience

Second, know your audience. 

You should have already checked this off your list. If not, take a look at Know Your Target Audience” on A is for Affiliate. Have a customer personality in mind. Is he a middle-aged man working a few hours a week? Or a young, working mother with no time. Keeping your audience in mind will assist you in speaking your visitor’s language. 

Your audience will be interested and will spend more time on your website. They will also share what they found with others.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement!

What Kind of Content?

Third, choose how you want to present your content. 

Does your customer prefer written words or videos? Do they want a wealth of information? Or do they want to be entertained? How you present your content matters. It is also more appealing to change it up. You can post different types of content to keep your audience engaged and coming back often.

Content Development

Fourth, develop your content. 

We will spend some time discussing what goes into the creation of content. You not only have to keep your audience in mind when creating content, but SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential component, as well. How are you going to rank in the search engines? 

Keywords and long-tail keywords are necessary to include in your material. What questions or phrases do you think your audience will be putting into the Google search bar? Moz Keyword Explorer would be a helpful tool. We also recommend using an SEO program, like SEOPress. After you identify the keywords use them in all of your content.

When you solve your visitor’s problems and appeal to their interests, SEO shouldn’t be a problem. Google evaluates your content based on expertise and credibility. Your content should be useful. Is your audience able to take action and get results? Did you provide a solution to a problem? 

Taking a look at what your competition has provided is a great way to see where you can bridge the gap. You can cover issues that your competitors have overlooked. You also can create your own list of questions with creative answers you can address in your content.

Another question to ask is, “How do you want your audience to feel after viewing your content?” You want your visitor to know more after viewing or reading your content than before they visited your website. Keeping on top of industry trends and news while they are on everyone’s mind provides fresh content for the user, and with the information they are seeking.

Another essential way to create relevant content is to get your audience involved. Develop surveys and questionnaires to elicit responses from your user. You will learn about their opinions, challenges, needs, and wants. You can even ask your users to submit their own content through contests and campaign hashtags. Going directly to the source ensures relevant content!

Distribution and Evaluation

Fifth, distribute your content. 

Your first order of business should be to use the social media platforms your target audience utilizes to distribute content from your website. You can also use email marketing. Email marketing works if you have at least 1,000 emails. You can send out a mass newsletter. 

Now, track your traffic. It is vital to your business to be able to track crucial data, like responses to your CTA (Call to Action) and traffic to your website. Using programs like HubSpot and Google Analytics can assist you in managing data.

Lastly, review and evaluate. With the help of the data collected, you can see what’s working and what is not. Refresh your content with up to date information, new keywords, and engaging content to help you rank higher in search engine results pages. 

Remember Google looks for relevant topics, language, format, and valid external links.

Wrapping Up

Quality content posted consistently will get you to your goals of increasing your bottom line.  

You can become a successful affiliate, which will definitely grow your bottom line!  Set a schedule of when you are going to provide new content.  Your users will appreciate your consistency and will come back again and again to learn something new.  

Dedication, determination, and imagination are necessary components to creating relevant content. We know you’ve got all three, so go for it!

For more information go to “Content is King” or “Blogging for Success”

How do you keep your content relevant? Let us know. We would love to hear from you. 


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