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5 of the Best Affiliate Programs That Pay the Most

As an affiliate, one of your most valuable resources is time. That’s why we compiled the best affiliate programs that pay the most cash in your pocket.

There are only so many hours in the day, and if you don’t put some thought into how you’re going to spend them, you’ll soon find the hours (and therefore the cash) slipping through your fingers. That’s why it’s important to dive into affiliate opportunities and partnerships which offer the greatest compensation for your time.

Admittedly, it’s not always a 100% straightforward task comparing compensation figures, as different companies prefer different compensation models. Still, we’ve done our best comparing the biggest brands with active affiliate schemes. Here are the ones who offer affiliates the best deals or the biggest stacks of cash*.

*(Disclaimer – These affiliate programs will almost certainly not deliver you literal stacks of cash. That’s just not practical.)

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1. BigCommerce

Texas-based company BigCommerce offers a suite of robust software solutions and tools for anyone—whether they be an individual or enterprise—looking to create a top-notch e-commerce platform.

They offer a 200% commission on a referral’s first monthly payment (up to $500) or a flat payment of $1,500 for enterprise clients. Those are some eye-wateringly large numbers!

What’s more, you’ve got a 90-day window (known as a cookie life) in which your referrals’ purchases will still be attributed to your hard work.

2. WP Engine

We don’t just associate with WP Engine because we’re in awe of their spectacular WordPress hosting platform (although it is seriously powerful and secure), we also think they offer a great deal for their affiliate partners!

With a 180-day cookie window, WP Engine offers its affiliates a $200 flat rate of commission for regular referrals and 100% of the first month’s payment for referrals of WP Engine & Genesis Pro customers. Not bad, huh?

3. Bluehost

Looking to monetize your website? You could do worse than partnering with web hosting platform Bluehost.

By simply placing custom referral banners and links on your website, you could be on the way to raking in $65 per signup (subject to a 45-day cookie life).

Plus, with dedicated affiliate managers, access to creative resources and robust campaign tracking software, you’ll really feel like part of the Bluehost team.

The company paid out $5 million to affiliates last year. That’s no small sum—plenty for you to get your slice!

4. Amazon Associates

Changing tone slightly—from B2B to B2C—Amazon’s ‘Associates’ program is a great example of how affiliate marketing can transform e-commerce businesses for the better.

In Amazon’s case, an affiliate program makes its goliath marketplace something more connected, a more social space. By joining their affiliate scheme, you’ll help add some personality to the mass of products available there, shining a spotlight on the businesses you think deserve attention.

For your efforts, you’ll receive between 1% to 10% commission with a cookie life of 24 hours. We know, it doesn’t sound like much.

Remember, though, you’ll have no trouble at all attracting customers to Amazon. These days, it’s as recognizable as the post office. So, while it won’t offer the big one-off paychecks like all the aforementioned B2B companies, it ends up being financially viable in a very different way.

5. Semrush

Semrush, an SEO and analytics tool for digital marketers, takes the long-term approach to affiliate partnerships.

Their cookies last for 10 years. That means if someone clicks on an affiliate link and, five years later, they sign up for a subscription, the affiliate will receive payment.

What’s more, if they cancel after 2 years and then sign up again on, say, on year 9 after clicking the referral link, it will still count as a second referral for the affiliate. Outstanding, right?

Their commission rates sit at 40% for each of a client’s subscription payments. That’s right, this is an ongoing deal, one which stands to net you $160 per month for each customer you refer.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Got any questions about these companies’ affiliate schemes? Or is there anything else you’d like help with? Get in touch!

We’d be happy to help you out or guide you towards one of our useful articles!

Until then – sloth on! 

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