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10 Ways Affiliate Marketing Will Transform Your eCommerce Business

Looking to reinvigorate your e-commerce business for 2021 with affiliate marketing? 

We’re not surprised: as of 2021, it’s an industry worth an estimated $12 billion. Done well, affiliate marketing campaigns help everyone come out a winner, from business owners and their affiliate partners all the way to customers themselves!

Here are some key ways affiliate marketing will transform your business, for customers, clients and employees alike. Oh, and if you’re an affiliate, these same points are great bargaining chips for negotiating yourself a partnership with any number of top businesses.

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1. You’ll gain more control

With affiliate marketing, you’re in control of everything. Pricing, partners, which products are promoted (and where), and the types of compensation. The benefits of this level of control are incalculable; they can help you maximize results and get the very most out of your marketing dollar. More on that later.

2. You’ll garner greater niche appeal

It goes without saying that you’ve got to know your target audience to succeed in any form of marketing, affiliate-based or not, and that goes double if you’ve got products with a relatively narrow appeal. With affiliate marketing, you can directly target the niche audience of your product by partnering with affiliates who have an existing connection to that sector of the market. Say, for example, a luxury vape pen reviewer for capturing the attention of the vaping market.

3. Your marketing team will expand exponentially

Two brains are better than one right? Well, how about 10 brains? 20? More?

Taking on affiliates means dramatically boosting the number of sharp and eager minds working on getting your business’ figures up. Whether those figures be revenue, clicks, sign-ups or anything else is irrelevant: it’s all heading towards the direction of success.

Plus, as a result of having a larger team…

4.Your content output will go through the roof

Think about it, there’s only so much one dedicated marketing team can put out in any given day, week or month. With more brains, mouths and hands on your side, though, you can release a bounty of content on a regular basis.

If you diversify your affiliate campaign types, you could be swimming in affiliate content and, as a result, customer interest!

5. Your marketing will become more flexible

There are a vast number of affiliate campaign types you could choose from. By strategically choosing between them, and picking an appropriate compensation model, you can pursue a range of different marketing goals. This makes affiliate marketing far more flexible and dynamic than traditional marketing methods like tv or radio advertisement.

6. You’ll become more trustworthy to customers

People trust people. It’s a fact of life.

By embracing affiliate marketing and enlisting a team of top advocates, each with their own dedicated followings, you’ll enjoy an organically built sense of trust through their endorsement of you. This, in turn, will boost your sales and your reputation, especially when paired with a professionally made, trustworthy website from a revered page builder like Elementor.

7. Your marketing dollar will go much further

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is how economical it can be! Unlike most other marketing methods, you pay per result, not per attempt. So, if an affiliate banner is seen by 1,000 viewers but only clicked by 10 of them, you’ll only pay for the 10.

Obviously, this will all depend on the specifics of your own affiliate contract, but the fact remains that affiliate marketing is an awfully cost-efficient form of marketing.

8. You’ll find brand ambassadors

There’s no replacement for a good brand ambassador. They’re genuine, and people love them for it. Therefore, they’ll listen intently to anything the ambassador has to say about you!

Ultimately, this will…

9. Make your brand more recognizable

Another helpful impact of affiliate marketing, more specifically having people all over the web sharing your name, is the brand recognition that comes with it. When reviewers, bloggers, influencers and trusted industry figures are dropping your name left, right and center, people will eventually carve out a little spot in their minds for your business and its products.

This is a powerful effect, one that can potentially snowball (in a good way) until your business is a genuine household name. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee—and you’ll definitely need the added support of an SEO plugin like SEOPress to boost your site through the search rankings—but if anything was going to elevate your business to a “household name” level, it’s affiliate marketing.

10. You’ll be on the marketing fast-track

Affiliate marketing works quickly, far more quickly than traditional marketing methods. How much quicker are we talking? Try comparing 6+ months (traditional marketing) to near-instantaneous (affiliate marketing). Sound significant? It is.

A is for A Wrap-Up

If you approach it right, affiliate marketing will change the face of your e-commerce business. Need some help in doing it right? Perhaps you haven’t got the time? No problem! That’s what we’re here for.

Get in touch and see what our team can do for you. Until then…

Sloth on! 

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