How to Monetize Your Website 

monetize your website

How to Monetize Your Website

Congrats! You’re one of the millions out there that joined the wild west of WordPress. Your website is up, your passion is strong and you’re ready to make that money. What’s next?

Your website is ready to be monetized, that’s what’s next!

We are going to cover the ways to monetize your website, the tools you need and the benefits you will have as a result of it.

Here’s what we’re going to school you on:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Create a Membership Website
  • Paid Ads + Ad Partnerships
  • Free Resources + Killer Content
  • Guest Post swaps 
  • Job Listings + Hire Me Pages
  • Offer Discounts + Coupons 
  • Website Engagement + Communication   
  • Flip Your Website 


How to Monetize your Website (to make that moneyyy)

Surprise! The number one way to start making money from your website is to start an affiliate program. We know a little something about that…

Here are the ways you can monetize your website through a successful affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing, as you may have learned in our blog affiliate marketing for beginners, is the perfect way to monetize your website. We have listed the basics of affiliate marketing here at A is for Affiliate, written countless blogs about it and it’s basically our bag, baby.

The short and sweet version of affiliate marketing is this:

  • Optimize your website with these recommended resources
  • Set up your affiliate payment network
  • Find affiliate partners that you use personally, relate with or respect
  • Add affiliate links to your website
  • Create content including affiliate links consistently, respectfully and honestly
  • Build your own affiliate program – we can help with that!
  • Share it with the world (consistently, respectfully and honestly too)

Affiliate marketing, if done right, can make you a lot of recurring monthly revenue. We know how time-consuming it can be if you have done it correctly, so we have hired a team of experts to take it off your plate.

Ask us about our full suite of affiliate marketing services

Create a Membership Website

Another way you can monetize your website is to create a membership for your visitors. This would require a membership website or plugin.

WPBeginner is an awesome resource when you are looking for the best WordPress membership plugins for your website

Creating a unique login for your visitors allows them access to the resources, services or products you’re providing under a membership fee.  It could be a one-time or recurring fee that the visitors pays to become a member.

It’s like the VIP Sky lounge at Delta.


Paid Ads + Ad Partnerships 

We all know about paid advertisements because they are everywhere! If you want to join the Google Ads train, get your tickets. It costs money to make money, right?

If you go this route, check out Google AdsenseFacebook Ads and Twitter Ads. Of course, check your other social media sites as well. Ain’t no shame in getting a little help from friends in high places when you are just getting started.

Another route is to partner with medium-sized influencers who will swap ads on their site with you. This takes time, respect and persistence to make happen. We recommend doing this with companies you trust.

Free Resources + Killer Content

We live in a time when your website needs to bring value to your visitor in order to thrive. If you are straight-up selling your self and not providing valuable resources, they have no reason to trust you.

HubSpot is the best example of providing educational material to their audience. They have completely monetized their website by providing ways for their visitors to educate themselves and come back for more.

AisforA TIP: Make sure your educational materials provide actual value. Basically, provide your visitors with some really good stuff and they might remember you and come back.

Guest Post

We already went over how content is king. Now, let’s spread the content love by swapping guest posts with our nearest and dearest!

Choose a few of your favorite partners and ask about a guest post article swap on each other’s websites. This helps build backlinks, provides a trustworthy resource and builds trust with your readers.

Make sure your guest post is top-notch and full of those affiliate links! This is a big process and we know a few experts who may be able to help with this. If done right, it can really help monetize your website, we promise.

Job Listings + Hire Me Pages

If you are growing a business, you can always bring on new hires, contractors or additional help. Adding a job listing landing page is another way to monetize your website.

Adding a landing page or a hire me page really helps search engines find you and it helps you find other people! Making money on your websites may take a whole tribe! Hire smart.

If you need help on how to add a landing page to your WordPress website – check out Elementor as a page builder. Soooo easy to use.

Offer Discounts + Coupons 

Who doesn’t love freebies, promo codes and coupons? We ALL do. Maximize your website with a little sale here and there.

WPEka shares some of the best WordPress coupon plugins to boost sales, be sure to check that out.

Website Engagement + Communication  

Your website is like a magical portal to the outside world. You may need to add the bells and whistles to the portal so that it is extremely easy for your visitors to engage with you. Just a thought.

Here are three ways to improve your website engagement and monetize your website at the same damn time:

  • Enable comments on your blog. Bring on the convos! The good, the bad and the lucrative. Install a live chat plugin on your WordPress website. Hook up a live chat feature so your website visitors can connect with you in real-time. Be sure to connect it to your CRM!
  • Set up a lead generation capture on your WordPress website. Create scroll boxes, pop-ups or exit intent ads to increase lead generation or email subscriptions.

You’re welcome.

Flip Your Website 

Those of you who are super ballers, go ahead and optimize your WordPress website to sell it off. Commitment issues? Not sure if you want a lifelong project? Flip your website!

There are millions of companies that buy out other websites every day. Here is a great guide by Start Blogging Online about how to sell your website

Do your homework, find the right people, partner up and flip it up!

AisforA Wrap-Up

We are so excited to be able to help you learn how to monetize your website.

At A is for Affiliate, we are super passionate about making great websites even greater. Your website is a gold mine if you can just learn the tips, tools and trade of affiliate marketing.

Too much for you to handle on your own?

That’s okay! We put together a team of experts who can do it for you. A is for Affiliate is here to help monetize your website.

Reach out to the team and start to make that moneyyy. You got this!

A is for Affiliate Team

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