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Remain Responsive Across All Devices


Did you know that over 52% of the people worldwide use their phones to access the internet? 40% of users make their way to a competitive site if they have had a bad mobile experience.

You must be aware of how your site translates across different devices, especially mobile devices! You want your website to flow seamlessly from desktop to tablet and then to the phone.  When using a mobile device, your site needs to be readable without having to zoom in.

Also, you don’t want to have to scroll horizontally. Isn’t that annoying?  There should be plenty of space for tap targets.

Remaining responsive across all devices ensures your visitor has a positive experience with you and your website. This positive experience could in turn lead to clicks on affiliate products you promote.  Success in affiliate marketing depends on access to your website, whether on a mobile device or desktop.

Below are a couple of ways to provide an optimal user experience.

Responsive or Adaptive

You can either adopt a responsive or adaptive design when creating your website. What are the differences between the two?

A responsive design responds and adjusts to the size of the device’s screen by altering the placement of the design elements to fit in the functional space. The elements in a responsive site will fluidly move to arrange themselves in an ideal manner for optimal viewing depending on the size of the screen. 

Responsive design is adequate for those sites where users are mostly viewing and not interacting within your website.

An adaptive site has many fixed layout designs. When your site determines the size of the screen and the space available, it will then choose the layout that appropriately fits the screen. 

You can have up to 6 layout designs, depending on the pixels needed. Users would have a different layout for their phones and a separate layout for their desktop. An adaptive design would be beneficial if your site requires your user to be interactive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Design

We will compare the two by taking a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each of the designs. Responsive design is much simpler to create and requires much less work to get up and running.

It seems that it is the most popular form to use at this point. Search engine sites prefer a responsive design, so if SEO is essential to you, this could be your design of choice. 

Responsive design provides uniformity and familiarity for users because of the one design layout that adjusts to the screen.

The downside of responsive design is download times may be different for each device. You have to take into consideration the size of your images. A large image will utilize more data and require more time to show up on a mobile device. 

If you have advertisements you want to include on your website, they may not fit into the mobile space available.

Responsive design keeps a desktop user in mind, and all other devices become secondary.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adaptive Design

The adaptive design provides a better user experience regardless of the device used. It gives you more control over the design for each device, so you know your visitor will have a positive experience when visiting your site.

An adaptive site will have speeds of two to three times faster than a responsive design. So, while search engines may prefer responsive websites, they also look for fast sites. You can add features to your site, like differing brightness. The images created will be optimal for each device used. You can also use highly visible, relevant advertisements that each visitor will be able to see, even if viewing from their phone.

There are very few drawbacks to adaptive design. The most significant disadvantage is that an adaptive design is expensive to create and maintain and a bit more work than a responsive design. Also, your site’s ranking in search engines may be affected.

Your adaptive design may not be as uniform or as familiar as a responsive website.

A is for A Wrap Up

We hope you are a bit more familiar with the two designs that will create a mobile friendly website.

If this is something you don’t want to worry about, we highly recommend using a page builder to help create a design that responds to any size screen device. We believe Elementor is the best in the business. They take the guesswork out of organizing your site. Elementor will help you to remain responsive on all devices, whether adaptive or responsive.

Don’t leave something as important as your website design up to chance. Let the experts take care of your website, while you focus on growing your affiliate marketing business!  Elementor will provide you with all the tools you need to create a compelling and engaging user experience, whether they are on their phones or sitting at a desk.

How have you had success in creating a user friendly website?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you!

For more information take a look at “Understand Your User Experience”


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