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MalCare: The Simplest Security Plugin

With the threat of hackers at any point, what are you doing to protect your website? Every WordPress site should have some sort of security service protecting it, whether it be big or small. Now, there are so many options when it comes to security plugins or services, so you need to choose one that best fits your needs. I will go over MalCare and the vast features and ways they can protect your website with ease.


-Fast setup is so important, and with MalCare you can be setup and ready in about 60 seconds.

-Whenever MalCare scans your site, it is done on their servers so there is no load on your server resources. It will help keep your website running at amazing speeds.

-You can fix a hacked website quickly, and they can help remove virus and backdoor for good.

-With MalCare’s intelligence they can detect and block threats from hackers and bots in real time.

-They can detect a lot of threats that go undetected and that a lot of other plugins miss.

-MalCare can remove malware without deleting files so it doesn’t affect your website.

It is so easy to get MalCare set-up and running. I will give you a quick tutorial so you can see how easy it really is.

To create your MalCare account, enter your email ID and click on “Start Now”.

Enter the URL of the website you want to add.

To auto install the plugin, ender the wp-admin credentials of the website, when done click “Install Plugin”. And their systems automatically install the plugin.

MalCare also does an initial scan and sync of your website.

Within minutes  your website has been added to MalCare, and you can manage everything from the dashboard.

Pricing and Contact info:

Whether you have a problem that is big or small, MalCare’s support team is there to help. They answer in a timely manner, and they are all very knowledgeable so they can help everyone. You are more than welcome to get a hold of them at

When it comes to pricing MalCare offers a few different options, you can choose one that fits your needs and depending on how many sites you have. You can also choose a monthly plan or a yearly one. For more questions and to see exactly what you are getting with each plan check out their page at

When it comes time to choose a plan, you can choose one that fits your needs and it really depends on how many sites you have and would like MalCare on.

This is the pricing for “Personal” monthly Plan

This is the price for “Personal” yearly plan


MalCare was created by the guys behind BlogVault, when they saw that so many hack scanners and cleaners out there fell short in many ways. So they created their own hack scanner and cleaner that gives zero false positives, and that can recognize even the most complex hacks and remove them. All of this is done with just one click, they do all the hard work for you. They use 100+ signals to identify the malware, which can help to detect it before it attacks your website. So the minute you activate MalCare you can have peace of mind that your website is protected.

Added Features:

To recap, MalCare is the only WordPress plugin that can instantly remove WordPress malware. With so many features like, one-click automatic malware removal, detection of malware that others ignore, or the fact that there is no technical knowledge needed, are just some of the reasons MalCare is so great. There are also so many more features that we haven’t even talked about. For more info on what you get with each plan or license check out their site at

If for any reason you are not satisfied with MalCare, they will refund you fully. There is no risk guaranteed!

MalCare also has an affiliate program, if you are looking to make more money. Once you become an affiliate you can earn 20% recurring commission on every paid account you refer.


MalCare promises to keep your website safe from hackers, so if that is something that is important to you then you need a security solution, and that solution should be MalCare. They offer so many features and at a reasonable price. They can do so much without ever slowing down your site, and can remove all malware with one click. Keep your site protected, and try MalCare for yourself.

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