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You are well on your way and you have posted a couple of blogs on tasty tacos or testing the waters at the local strongman gym.  Now, what do you do? Let’s talk about some steps that will be beneficial to you as you try and grow your blog. After all, you want to be an influential blogger and really be successful at affiliate marketing!

Be Passionate

I can’t express the importance of really “finding your niche” enough. (If this is a new concept for you, take a look at “Blogging from the Beginning”.)  The beginning phase of blogging is the toughest! You have to devote a considerable amount of time and have oodles of patience. Passion for what you’re writing about is the most crucial factor, at this point.  Devotion to your cause or your “niche” is what is going to keep you moving forward. Let nothing else distract you and money should be a secondary factor. If you are passionate, the money will follow.

Learning new things should be a motivating factor, including learning from your mistakes and growing with time.  Passion is very apparent in your writing. It is much easier to write about something frequently when you are excited about the topic and it will be much more enjoyable to read.  You will be driven to find new sources of inspiration. If you are passionate about your subject, you will go to greater depths to bring new ideas to your readers and they will notice.  Be inquisitive, diligent, crave knowledge, and always have your readers in mind!

I mentioned my strongman son in “Blogging From the Beginning”.  He is very passionate about weightlifting and the benefits it provides to the body.  He studies regularly, is always sharing his wealth of information, and those that read his posts know of his excitement on how weightlifting can improve your health.  His target audience considers him a trustworthy expert.

Learn What’s Important

Always be aware of who you are targeting.  If you have your niche, you should know who your target audience is. “Research what is important to your audience, what your audience is inquiring about, and what they are interested in learning. One way to do that is to monitor the behavior of your target audience on Social Media. It is a great way to obtain information on what is significant to them.” (“Content is King”, A is for Affiliate)

You can also listen and learn about the needs of your audience right there on your blog.  You can do this by asking questions placed in suitable spots in your blog or requesting feedback on your writing.  You can also ask questions on your social media and via email. It shows you care about what they think.

Take the answers to those questions and become a problem-solving blogger.  Provide real answers to their questions in a well developed and thorough blog post.  You can occasionally invite readers to share links to related posts and offer up suggestions.

Be Personable

Speak to people conversationally with expression and be articulate, concise, and clear.  Proofreading and editing are a must! Use words like “you” and “yours”. Your content should also be fresh and personable with valuable information, motivating your readers to action.

You are well aware that as internet users, we are incessantly bombarded with useless information.  If you are humorous, tell a captivating story, share thoughtful opinions and suggestions, your audience will appreciate it.  It will be worth their time. They will show their appreciation by sharing your posts and often returning to your blog.

Use Visuals

Readers respond to visual content.  They will stay longer on your website if you have an appealing photo or video. Use infographics to explain an issue with more detail.  You don’t have to create these yourself there are infographic owners out there to lend a hand. Include a general image within your content and not just at the bottom or the top.  You can sometimes imbed a video to support a point or comment.

Set a Schedule

Consistent posting is key.  Set a schedule and remain faithful.  Your audience needs to know when to expect a new post.  You want your readers to keep coming back for instructional content, but remember quality over quantity. Don’t post a couple of times a week with content that does not provide engaging information. It is better to post less with thoughtful, informative content, but always be consistent.

Call To Actions (CTA)

What is Call to Actions?  It is just that, a call to action.  It provides an opportunity for your readers to take action.

  • You can use polls, surveys, and quizzes to engage your readers and help you connect with your readers.
  •  Provide your followers with ways to explore other content on your blog by providing links to related posts. Don’t just put them at the end of your articles, place the links within your post.  Your visitors will find value in other posts on your site.
  • Strategically place opt-in forms within your content or at the end of your post to call your readers to subscribe to your blog, email, or newsletter.  Email your readers to stay connected.
  • Use social media “share buttons”.  The best thing you can do for your blog is to encourage your visitors to share your material on social media websites.  If you are using WordPress, which I highly recommend, think about installing the Social Warfare plugin.  This plugin allows your readers to share on their social media sites with just a single click. Be sure to ask them to share.
  • Of course, always provide ample opportunity to purchase a product you are selling or provide them with an affiliate link.
Engage your Readers

Provide a place for your readers to leave comments. It shouldn’t be difficult to leave a response.  Read and respond to them. Again, you are engaging and connecting with your audience. Take a look at what is being shared and talked about the most. 

I highly suggest getting google analytics.  It can help you understand your demographic and the behavior of your audience.  It will help you manage your content. Google Analytics can tell you your most popular posts, how often they are read, and shared on social media.  You can set goals and google analytics will help you track those goals. Not to mention, it is free.

Work Together

Work with a brand or another influencer.  Network with other bloggers, share your opinions and experiences with those who are in the same niche. When you make those connections, you will become well known in your community.

Acknowledge other influencers in your field. Give them recognition on your site and reference their work.  Many of your readers have already read them and you will build credibility amongst your audience. Trust and integrity are so important in the world of blogging.  Your audience will also be more inclined to leave comments because they are familiar with the posted reference.


The key to being an influential blogger is to connect and engage with your audience.  Here are just a few steps that will help you accomplish this. Continue to work hard, be consistent, and keep that passion burning.  You soon may have everyone reading your blog on tantalizing tacos and become an affiliate for your favorite products, earning a little extra cash!

Want learn more?  Read “Post Relevant Content”.

How have you been a successful blogger?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you!

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