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The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs To Join

It’s no secret that some of the hottest affiliate offers are for web hosting. Affiliate marketers can expect to receive north of $100 per referral from many top web hosting providers.

But like Ashley mentioned, integrity is important and also to promote the right product to your audience. What does “right” mean, though? Right means not only products that will benefit your audience, but products that are truly good for your audience, too.

There are hundreds of web hosting companies out there — many of them offering affiliate programs, but not all offering a quality product.

In this article I’m going to go over some of the best web hosting providers who also have fantastic affiliate programs to join. 

These are the best web hosting affiliate programs in the wild world of WordPress - check it out! #affilatemarketing

Liquid Web

If you’ve been over to The Visual Oak blog, you may have seen that I rave about Liquid Web in my review. As someone who has worked in web hosting for years, I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for VPS hosting (I’ve been a paying customer for years).

But did you know that Liquid Web’s affiliate program is also one of the best paying affiliate programs out there, too? You’re guaranteed a minimum $150 for each referral, and 150% of the sale if that commission exceeds the minimum. That’s insane!

Top Features of Liquid Web’s Affiliate Program

  • Lucrative Commissions
  • Dedicated Program Managers
  • 90-day Cookies

Click here to sign up to promote Liquid Web.


Nexcess is part of the Liquid Web family and offers fully managed hosting for e-commerce websites. Nexcess supports Magento, in addition to WordPress and WooCommerce, which is refreshing to see as WooCommerce isn’t always the best choice for super large stores. Just like Liquid Web, Nexcess guarantees a $150 payout for each referral, or 150% of the sale, whichever is higher.

Top Features of the Nexcess Affiliate Program

  • Dedicated Program Managers
  • Pre-written Content
  • Uses the Impact Network

Click here to sign up to be an affiliate for Nexcess.


Pressable is a managed WordPress host run by Automattic, the folks behind and WooCommerce. Their platform is built for performance, is secure, and scales as your website grows. Pressable customers get peace of mind with frequent backups and malware scanning. Pressable uses ShareASale for their affiliate program and offers commissions up to $100 per sale.

Top Features of Pressable’s Affiliate Program

  • Customizable links
  • 60-day cookies
  • Monthly payouts

Click here to sign up for Pressable’s affiliate program. is another one of my favorite hosting companies – not only for their high-paying affiliate program, but because they offer an amazing product, too.’s all-in-one platform is optimized and delivered by Cloudflare Enterprise (this usually costs thousands of dollars per month alone). Rocket pays affiliate marketers $150 per referral, and are open to negotiate higher commissions if you’re able to refer more than 20 customers per month to them.

Top Features of’s Affiliate Program

  • 60-day cookies
  • Custom coupons
  • Affiliates get free hosting

Click here to sign up to promote 

WP Engine

Last but not least is WP Engine, who has one of the highest paying affiliate programs — they pay a $200 flat rate commission for new hosting customers. Not bad, eh? They also have a spectacular WordPress platform that is seriously powerful and secure. Brands like Pandora, Yelp, and Petco all use WP Engine to power their websites. In fact, 1.2 million websites in 150 countries are powered by WP Engine’s platform.

Top Features of WP Engine’s Affiliate Program

  • Exclusive affiliate discounts
  • Cookies last up to 180 days
  • Promote StudioPress themes at the same time

Click here to sign up as a WP Engine affiliate. 

Good Commissions Come From Good Products

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s important to promote good products to your audience and the commissions will flow nicely from there. Just because a web hosting company offers an affiliate program, doesn’t mean that their hosting is good and, if you promote bad hosting, you’ll lose your audience’s trust and you’ll probably lose out on a commission if they cancel their hosting account.

Promote brands like Liquid Web and WP Engine as they offer both good products and good commissions.

This has been a guest post submitted by Cody at The Visual Oak – be sure to check it out! 

Until then, sloth on. 

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