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The Complete Affluent Review (For WordPressers and Beyond) 

You know Affluent right? 

They say knowledge is power, and that goes double for the affiliate marketing industry. Whether you’re an affiliate partnered with multiple brands, a brand working with a team of affiliates or an agency with several advertisers under your wing, one of your largest concerns will be consolidating the wealth of data you inevitably amass into something actually decipherable. 

That’s why we think Affluent is such an outstanding tool for marketing agencies, as well as for affiliates and advertisers. It acts as a unified platform, compiling data from over 500 affiliate networks and displaying all in one place.

Say goodbye to hours of perplexing performance tracking, comparing unstandardized data and drawing up oversized (not to mention confusing) reports. With its standardized transaction API, Affluent is here to make data management a breeze, and it comes with a suite of other useful features too! Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

You'll need this Affluent review to find out all the good stuff (including it's affiliate program!) #Affluentreview

Affluent: For Advertisers 

Affluent is packed with functionality perfect for advertisers looking to get the most mileage out of their affiliate marketing campaigns. On top of offering branded client dashboards for your affiliates, it lets you combine data from any number of your affiliate platforms, so you can get a comprehensive look at what’s going on, what’s working and where your problems lie. It’s not all large-scale analysis and reports, though. Affluent also gives you the power to zoom in, creating reports on individual platforms and publishers; your income and outgoing fees; as well as your recruitment analytics per platform and brand.

Affluent: For Affiliates

If you’re an affiliate working with several brands and advertisers, it can become a nightmare of a task trying to keep track of all your brands, income streams and targets. Affluent can help by giving you the option of segmenting your data into discrete categories such as product, brand or account manager. This can help you understand where you need to direct your attention and where your KPIs are not being met. This, in turn, can help you get more in tune with your audience. The Affluent team is on-hand to provide training and support should you need it. Plus, the service also sends you revenue emails every day, so your earnings are never a mystery. It’s great stuff all-round with Affluent!

Affluent: For Agencies

Advertising agencies aren’t left out in the cold with Affluent. If you’re in charge of an array of brands and advertisers, you’ll love the 24/7 tracking software, which scans the wealth of data coming in—all in real time—and alerts you to any issues or discrepancies instantaneously. With so many clients to keep track of, this feature could be a lifesaver. The software also lets you migrate account data from other platforms so you can draw more informed conclusions based on your entire history with a business manager, brand or industry. Informing your clients of their costs will also present no issue, with reporting tools which incorporate network fees, agency fees, non-reported placement fees and more. 


Affluent offers four subscription tiers: Free ($0 p/m), Startup ($35 p/m), Business ($100 p/m) and Enterprise (contact Affluent for prices). Each is suitable for a different level of business and offers data on a larger scale. The more advanced tiers also offer features unavailable to monthly subscribers, and if you want priority customer support you’re going to want to opt for Enterprise. Of course, if you earn less than $5k per month commission, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying Affluent’s services completely free of charge. Gotta love a freebie!

Affiliate Scheme

Like the look of Affluent’s powerful data gathering and reporting tools? Think you’ve got what it takes to present the service in its best light? Maybe you should consider becoming an Affluent affiliate! The company’s affiliate scheme is powered by ShareaSale and is completely free to join. Commission is based on lead generation and new user subscriptions, with you seeing more cash the higher the tier your customer opts for. Affluent offers a generous 180-day cookie window, and there’s even an affiliate referral scheme which will see you earning 20% of the revenue from any other affiliates you refer to Affluent. Not a bad affiliate scheme overall; we’re certainly happy to put our stamp of approval on it.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Affluent makes data management, one of the most daunting parts of this industry, easy. For that, and the suite of helpful features it provides, we give it a hearty thumbs up.


If you’ve got any questions about Affluent, becoming an affiliate or anything else, please get in touch with our team. We’d be more than happy to speak with you or show you the way to a helpful blog, article or resource!

Until then, sloth on! 

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