wordpress affiliate marketing program help

WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program Help

Hello, WordPress friends! 

We are pretty stoked that you’re interested in growing your affiliate marketing program because well, that’s our bag, baby. Affiliate marketing makes the recurring revenue world go ’round. 

So, let us guess – you created a beautiful WordPress website, you have an amazing product or service that is successful and you built an affiliate marketing program. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, except your affiliate program…why do you think that is? 

Let the experts dive in to find out! 

We are going to cover the ways to level up your WordPress affiliate marketing program that has been dormant for a while. 

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WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program Help 

When you have a beautiful website and business is good, there are a few things that can fall by the wayside. One of those things is your affiliate marketing program and we won’t even guess the other thing. 😉

When you get busy, you tend to forget the little things. However, those little things can add up to a lot of big things, AKA big bucks in your pocket! If you’re just starting your affiliate marketing program, please check out this article on affiliate marketing for beginners for more information. 

We’re going to cover a few helpful steps, tips and tricks to rebirth your affiliate marketing program out of its dormant state. 

Affiliate Landing Page Optimization 

First of all, where does your affiliate marketing program live? Is it buried deep within your website and hard to find? To you, it may seem easy to navigate, but to a visitor – it should be plain as day and right in front of their noses. 

Add your WordPress affiliate marketing program to your landing pages that get the most traffic. Add a tab to your header, add a link in your footer, add it to your website wherever you can! 

When a visitor finds your affiliate program, how does the landing page look? Is it easy to navigate, full of fruitful information and have large call to action buttons? Is there enough information to entice someone to want to join your affiliate marketing program? 

Here are some fantastic examples of killer affiliate marketing landing pages and the companies that are doing it right. 

If you aren’t sure, ask the experts on how you can optimize your affiliate marketing program landing page. 

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Sharing your Affiliate Marketing Program Socially 

Now you have a beautiful landing page that’s optimized for your affiliate marketing program. Congrats! 

It’s time to share it with the world. How do you do this without sounding salesy? It’s simple…be yourself. Don’t simply post a link to your program – do more. Here are some quick tips to sharing your affiliate marketing program: 

  • Share your affiliate program links in your blog consistently
  • When you share on your social media, tag your current affiliates that are crushing it 
  • Share a social post with a quick statistic of how much money one of your top affiliates has made 
  • Include links to your affiliate program in your email newsletter
  • When a successful affiliate gets a win, shout them out on social 
  • Use hashtags when you are posting on social for more reach #affiliatemarketing #WordPress 

Accepted Affiliates Process  

Let’s recap. You’ve built a website, have a successful business, created a beautiful landing page optimized for new affiliates, you’ve shared your affiliate program with the world consistently and you now have people asking to join on a regular basis! It’s working! 

Now what? 

When people join your affiliate marketing program ask yourself these questions…what does the acceptance process look like? Do they receive an automatic email that they are being considered? Or are they automatically accepted and get a confirmation email? What do these emails look like? Are they easy to navigate with helpful ways to share their affiliate link? Do they have promotional marketing material available to them in an affiliate dashboard? What does this dashboard look like? 

All of these things need to be considered when you launch an affiliate marketing program, so they should be in place. If these things need optimizing, give yourself an affiliate audit. We can help with that too!  

A is for A Wrap Up: WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program Help 

Listen, we get it. Growing an affiliate marketing program is a lot of work. 

Affiliate marketing is like a well-oiled machine if you know how to work it properly. If you can’t find the time to do it correctly, there is no doubt that it might fail.  When you put a plan in place, make sure it is optimized, being shared consistently and being followed through with the right tactics. 

We have a few ways we can help the affiliate marketing program process if you need us. 

You got this! And when you don’t, WE got this! 

Sloth on! 

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