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How To Monetize Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

Twitter is one of the big dogs (or is that birds?) of the social media world. Are you looking to monetize Twitter for affiliate marketing? You’re smart! 

You’ll want to make the absolute most of it if you want to maximize the results of your affiliate marketing efforts. 

However, its size is something of a double-edged sword. It’s true that, with Twitter, you’ll have access to a huge global audience—around 300 million active monthly users—but that means you’ll also have a huge amount of competition to contend with. 

So while using Twitter to make affiliate marketing bucks isn’t impossible, you will have to be smart about it.

Luckily, we’re here to tell you exactly how to use Twitter right (and pull in some cash while you do it).

If you're ready to monetize on Twitter, affiliate marketing is your #1 go-to. Here are some tips to make money on #Twitter - affiliate style!

Affiliate links

Where else could we have possibly started? These will be the foundation of your affiliate marketing efforts on Twitter. 

If you’re a company looking to monetize the Twittersphere, it’s up to you to locate affiliates whose values align with your company’s and whose followings will likely have some interest in your unique offering. 

If you don’t know the type of person who will be interested in your products or services, then it might be time to do some target audience research.

If you’re an affiliate, on the other hand, your partner company will send you personalized affiliate links to share with your followers. Obviously, you’ll then share them through Twitter. 

When potential customers click the links and fulfill a pre-arranged set of requirements (depending on your compensation model) the company will pay you for your work.

Is that it?

Well, no—not exactly. Simply posting tweets with affiliate links won’t net you many clicks, and it will get you even less cash. 

Affiliates who are serious about finding monetary success on Twitter aren’t afraid to put in the work, and you need to be the same way.

Be Valuable

Twitter users aren’t fools: they can smell a marketing-focused account from a mile away. That’s why you need to be more than an affiliate marketer. 

If your Twitter profile is a long list of affiliate links, you’re never going to be able to grow a monetizable following. The key is to provide value, to predominantly post content that your audience will enjoy, peppering affiliate links wherever they won’t be obtrusive. 

An often-cited ratio for balancing non-marketing and marketing content on Twitter is 4:1. Of course, you don’t have to stick to that religiously, but it’s a good guideline to bear in mind.

What you actually post, however, is up to you. It could be educational, funny, wise, opinionated, intriguing, or maybe just personal. 

The point is, if your audience will want to read it, it’s golden. After all, doesn’t it feel good to grow a following with integrity? With honest, valuable content? 

And there are always bonus points in it for you if your tweets drive engagement.

Be active

Take a look at some of the most popular Twitter accounts right now. Notice something? They’re all regular posters. 

Being active has long since been one of the primary ways of growing a following. 

As an affiliate marketer, that means money. What does being active actually mean? It means posting multiple times per day, retweeting, liking, commenting, and generally engaging with the Twitter world. 

As long as what you do helps cement your personality and presence on the platform, it can only do you good.

Be patient

They say good things come to those who wait, and it’s as true for monetizing 

Twitter for affiliate marketing as it is for anything else. You may have a following already, but growing your monetization potential is not something that happens in a few days. 

You’ll need to implement changes in how you use Twitter, and you’ll need to be consistent while you give those changes time to have an impact. It won’t be immediately rewarding, but in time, you’ll be glad you stuck it out.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Twitter is an affiliate marketing gold mine for those who are willing to set up camp and put in the work. 

Speaking of Twitter – want to follow us? Find us @AisforAffiliate and share your Twitter monetization strategy! 

As a white label affiliate marketing manager, we’ve helped enough businesses reach astronomical levels of success with Twitter. Believe us, it can be done.

If you’ve got any questions regarding Twitter, social media, or affiliate marketing in general, feel free to get in touch! We’d be glad to show you the ropes or point you in the right direction.

Until then…sloth on! 

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