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LifterLMS Review


LifterLMS Review

The mission statement from LifterLMS is everything. 

“LifterLMS exists to democratize education in the digital classroom. LifterLMS exists so that anyone in the world can create transformational educational experiences through the internet.”

Talk about an epic mark in the WordPress industry! 

We are so excited to be reviewing the leading WordPress plugin for our friends and affiliates. This will be a comprehensive review including what LifterLMS is all about, how it can benefit you, the features included, the knowledge base you can take advantage of, and all the magic that is included in the wonderful team behind it. 

It’s lift off time, all! (see what I did there?)  

What is LifterLMS all about?

Grab some coffee and let’s chat about the power of an amazing team creating an even more amazing product AND service. This is the story of LifterLMS.

Basically, it all started on a glacier in Alaska. I mean, c’mon! Chris Badgett created this powerhouse team of WordPress developers, marketers, teachers and ballers to put together the plugin with just a few superpower abilities. What does it do, you ask?

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that does all of this magic:

  • Create custom landing pages
  • Build and sell digital online courses
  • Personalize your emails and message with emotional response
  • Master a membership site
  • Be a coach and create pages to market your courses
  • Add engagement and gamification to your online courses and coaching school
  • Build out drip campaigns and sequential content
  • Build out an e-commerce platform to accept one-time or recurring payments
  • Create brand awareness with notifications and reminders that help it to grow
  • And basically make your WordPress site a magical unicorn that will be known across the world

Who’s behind the curtain of LifterLMS?

Let’s find out a little more about these genius gurus of WordPress. And maybe follow them on Twitter.

Chris Badgett – Entrepreneur & CEO 

Chris is an online course builder himself and a family man. Aw. He loves to be outdoors, but also knows his way around the kitchen. He writes and teaches courses at LifterLMS along with crashing glaciers in Alaska with the fam. NBD.

Thomas Levy – Founder & CTO
Thomas doesn’t take to the Twittering, because he is too busy programming, writing poetry and lifting weights. Seriously, his smile says it all. Being an architect takes a numbers brain and a lot of patience. Thanks for crunching those numbers, Tom so that we can use LifterLMS even more.

Kathy Gilchrist – Director of Numbers ‘n Stuff (that’s literally her title)
Another math nerd in the LifterLMS house! I love her bio best because she is all about kindness and cats. They just go together. She loves education and seems like a pretty caring lady. We like you, Kathy.

Ali Mathis – Happiness Director
Ali is all about that good life! She runs a family, her feet, her veggie diet and is a self-taught WordPress junkie like all of us! She runs some killer online courses and makes people happy. We need more people like you, Ali.

Don’t forget about the developers, customer support, sales and marketing team members that make things happen behind the scenes! To find out more about them, find them at the LifterLMS Team page.
Saurabh Shukla- Developer & Customer Support, Will Middleton – Sales Consultant, Natalie Herron – Customer Support, Rocco Aliberti – Developer & Customer Support to name a few. 

Together their vision is to “empower 1 billion experts, teachers, mentors, leaders, and entrepreneurs to create results-based learning programs that positively serve the learning wants and needs of all people“. That’s quite a vision.

Who is LifterLMS for again?

Wondering if you fit into the LifterLMS world? I am betting you do. 

LifterLMS is for the following types of humans: 

  • Course creators with a passion for growth in education  
  • Organizations offering training for employees
  • Companies offering online courses
  • Educational professionals offering consulting or coaching services 
  • Anyone who wants to host courses on their personal websites
  • Individuals and businesses seeking to create, own and update their own educational resource for the world 
  • Basically anyone who wants to make the world better  
Did we mention the LifterLMS Academy? Oh yeah, it gets better. The catchphrase on the Academy is “The courses will change your life.” That pretty much sums it up. 
Chris Badgett LifterLMS

What are the real pros and cons of LifterLMS? 

As with anything, there are pros and cons – especially when you have a unique website to satisfy.

Whether you have a large or small WordPress site, this plugin can benefit you with creating online courses. Let’s get down to the basics of the pros and cons of LifterLMS. 

Starting with the good! The LifterLMS plugin is FREE! It is available free for you to use and has a lot of amazing basic features. It has many integrations that are easy to use like page builders (Divi, Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc.). It also has a course drag and drop builder that is easy as pie. (We still love drag and drop, WordPress!) Customizing colors and templates is pretty easy to do and requires little custom CSS. It also offers you to make that money easier by integrating WooCommerce right in there. And we are all about making that money here at A is for Affiliate

Just to balance the scales here are the LifterLMS cons you might experience. As you grow, the plugin will need to grow too. It can get pricey as you add on the extensions, but it may be worth it! On some larger websites, there has been some reviews stating it has performance issues and I am sure the team works on that daily. For the design, it can get pretty basic and lacks a little of that modern touch, however, if you add those extensions – that helps! Not bad! Lastly, the core plugin doesn’t come with a payment gateway. Check out PayPalStripe, and WooCommerce for $99+ each on that one.

What are the pros and cons of LifterLMS for you?


AisforA Wrap-Up: LifterLMS Final Review

It’s all about quality plugins these days. We know that there are so many out there, it can get ridiculous. One of the additional things we love about WordPress is that it is always growing. You will never NOT have the plugin you need to make magic happen. 

Overall, LifterLMS is a plugin that will help you grow, educate your audience and hopefully, make you some money. We like that. 

Also, side note here – we love these amazing success stories by LifterLMS! It’s all about the people, are we right? 

We want to learn what you think! Drop some comments on us all about your LifterLMS experience! 

We are hoping to start our own online courses for affiliate marketing soon so stay tuned! It’s going to be FIRE. 🔥

A is for Affiliate Team

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