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5 Affiliate Marketing Email Techniques to Change the Game

Looking for email marketing techniques to change the whole affiliate game this year? 

In this ever-changing world of digital marketing, where it feels like advertisement technology is only a few steps away from becoming self-aware, you might be surprised to discover how effective the old, reliable methods still are. 

Email marketing has been around for… well, about as long as email itself. Email is still 40 times as effective as Facebook and Twitter marketing efforts combined, according to a study by McKinsey & Company.

If you’re looking to make the most of email marketing in recruiting your vast team of A+ affiliates, you’ll want to use these top techniques!

If you’re looking to make the most of email marketing in recruiting your vast team of A+ affiliates, you’ll want to use these top techniques!

1. Names Come First and Often

As we’ve established in our “Know Your Target Audience” blog it’s important to know who you’re trying to connect with when embarking on any marketing endeavor.

Why? Well because marketing has more of an impact when it’s personalized!

Using your recipient’s name throughout the email—not just in the greeting—and tweaking the content itself to suit them is an incredible way to instantly engage your prospective affiliate.

2. Include the Affiliate’s Unique Link

There’s nothing quite as tantalizing as being teased with an opportunity that’s just out of your reach. By sending your recipient (and potential affiliate) their unique link in a marketing email, you’ll be telling them just how close they are to climbing aboard your affiliate train and embarking on the journey of a lifetime with you!

Their personalized link’s there and ready to go.

All your affiliate needs to do is get to work championing your business with a top social media sharing tool.

3. Include Personalized Images and Banners

Images and banners, especially personalized ones, are some of the most engaging and eye-catching things you can put in an email. If that banner is also bursting with personalized promotion info, then even better! You can make your own email banner without enough know-how.

Otherwise, there are a range of professional design companies who will be happy to create a marketing masterpiece on your behalf.

4. Feature a “Click to Tweet” Button 

A good affiliate marketer works with their integrity intact. If they’re going to choose to align themselves with your business, it’s probably because they genuinely like what you’re doing. If that’s the case, they’ll probably be excited about sharing it to their followers!

By featuring a “Click to Tweet” or an easy copy/paste sharing button in your email, you’ll be reminding your recipients to do just that. Plus, it’s an awesome way to remind the potential affiliate of your own social media presence!

Like this…

I love A is for Affiliate! They truly know how to connect affiliates and brands - and Mo the Sloth is just so darn cute. #Slothon

5. Invite Them to Events and Webinars

It’s in the nature of affiliate marketers to constantly be on the search for self-improvement. They strive to work better, be better and achieve more. 

Industry events and webinars are a perfect way to appeal to those go-getters while improving their perception of your business and the likelihood that they’ll want to work with you in the long term.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Email marketing should never be overlooked. It’s a vital tool for interacting with affiliates and telling them all about your offering. 

We understand that it can seem daunting, on top of everything else you’ve got to worry about, to think about optimizing your email marketing efforts. If you need a helping hand, with emails or anything else in the affiliate biz, feel free to contact us.

We at A is for Affiliate exist to make life easier for you and affiliates everywhere!

Sloth on!

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