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Anthony Tran is the man! He is the “Marketing Guy” at Beaver Builder but he is so much more. We got the chance to hang with Anthony, hear his story and learn all about his adventures. We just love how WordPress brings everyone together. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi I’m Anthony Tran! I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife and son. I grew up in Orange County, CA for most of my life, but was able to travel all over when I was in the Air Force as a Logistics Officer. I geek out about weird things like Marketing, Data Analytics, and SEO. I know I’m a dork! =) When not working, I like to binge-watch Netflix shows and travel whenever I can.

Tell us about your company and how long you’ve worked there?
I work for Beaver Builder, a WordPress company that is known for its front-end drag-and-drop page builder. I’m the “Marketing Guy” and have been with the team for a year.
How did you get where you are today?
It’s really a long story but I’ll try to sum it up like this… Military => Corporate => Podcaster => Agency Owner => Beaver Builder.

My wife and I run a web design company called Marketing Access Pass and we’ve been using Beaver Builder on our client sites since 2015. One day we got an email from the Beaver Builder newsletter and they mentioned they were looking for a Marketer to join the team. It seemed like a great opportunity and good fit so I put in my application and the rest is history.

What do you love most about your job?
I would say working with the team. I’ve worked in a lot of different environments and I must say I’m having a blast here. Everyone supports each other, and we all mesh well together. It feels almost unreal that I’m writing it down but it’s true. I love working at Beaver Builder!
Can you explain what you do and what value it brings to WordPress?
I manage all aspects of Marketing for us: PPC Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Data Analytics, etc. We share tips and free training in our blog, YouTube videos, podcast interviews, and members of our team speak at WordCamps. We also occasionally sponsor WordPress events.
If someone was interested in what you do, what advice would you give to help them along the way?
There are many things you can specialize in Marketing. Find something that interests you and fits your personality best. For example, if you’re a creative person then you may enjoy social media or web design. If you’re an analytical person, then you may enjoy doing SEO or PPC Advertising. If you’re great at speaking then participating in podcasts or attending events will work for you. Find what you’re passionate about and dive into learning all you can to master your craft.

Can you tell me about a highlight or a great accomplishment in your career?
I think the biggest accomplishment in my career has been able to carve out a way for both my wife and I to work from home. It was a big goal of ours and I’m just grateful to have been able to make it a reality.
Any advice or knowledge that you would like to pass on?
Don’t be afraid to take big risks to go after your dreams. You only live once, and tomorrow is never promised, so might as well go all in.


Thanks, Anthony! It was so cool learning about you. If you want to be featured on our Spotlights, please reach out to the A is for Affiliate team. Let’s keep the WordPress community connected. 

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