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11 Affiliate Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Are you searching for affiliate marketing tips? Maybe some techniques to make cash? 

We are here to tell you that you can earn recurring revenue without maximum effort. But you have to put some work in up front. Or hire someone else to do it. 

There are some tricks we’ve learned along the way to help. That way you can make the decision for yourself.

By following these affiliate marketing techniques, you can make big bucks.

Wait, What is Affiliate Marketing, Anyway? 

Affiliate marketing is a monetizing method where you choose trusted brands to refer out in return for a percentage of commission. 

It’s like referring a brand you love to a friend. In this case, it’s with an affiliate link. 

You can share and market their products on your website and in your content. It’s out there for the world to click on and buy. 

Most affiliate programs will be listed on their sites and have their own process of application. It should be painless. If you sign up with ShareASale, that’s when it gets a bit more complicated. 

Once your affiliate link is set up, it’s on you to share it out to the world. That’s where most people fail. They simply forget to share! 

Let’s start with some affiliate marketing tips to help with that. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips 

Everyone loves a good tip. 

Here are some of the most important affiliate marketing tips that can help you have a successful affiliate marketing career.

Transparency is key

The first and the most important thing about being an affiliate is to be as transparent as possible. 

If you’re an affiliate, say you’re an affiliate! If you love the brand, say you love the brand. 

By staying transparent, you will not only increase your credibility, but this will also be included as your skill. When people know that you’re the affiliate working with that company, your chances of making commissions increase due to trust.

Make your affiliate links valuable (and clickable)

Have you ever thought of what makes people click on a link? 

If you place yourself in the role of the user, you will note that most of the users will click on the things that provide solutions to their problem. Most of them will also click on a link that seems to be useful or educational.

So, when working as an affiliate, you must try to make your content as helpful and educational as possible. 

Lastly, make sure you actually hyperlink your affiliate link. Wink, wink. 

Niche down 

It’s a fact that you’re not the expert in all of the things that come your way. 

You might be good at one or two, but not all of them. One of the most effective affiliate marketing tips for you is that you must select the field of products or services you will be selling only in your field of expertise.

If you niche down, you will get the most amount of commissions because of your extensive knowledge in that area.

Now on to some affiliate marketing tricks! 

Affiliate Marketing Tricks 

Ready for those tricks up our affiliate marketing sleeves? Grab a notepad, you’re going to want to write these down. 

Use productivity tools 

It is the era of the internet and technology, and if you use this tech efficiently, you can benefit from it in a lot of ways. 

Here are 5 recommended productivity tools for affiliate marketing: 

  1. Website builders can help with CTAs on your blogs and landing pages. 
  2. Plugins and add-ons to help with the monetization of your website. 
  3. Email marketing software to help outreach for your affiliate program.
  4. SEO analytic tools to help learn from the data.  
  5. Social media automation to help share your affiliate link to the world. 

Stick to these tools and you will be able to monetize your website, write good content and share it with the world. 

Make amazing and useful content

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are 2 main types of people. 

One is the type that writes and manages their blog posts to sell their products and services. 

Others are creating videos and using platforms like YouTube and Facebook to generate sales.

Either way, one of the best tips for affiliate marketing is to keep your content as original and unique as possible. Not only this but also work on making the content helpful and interesting. 

Don’t put all your affiliate eggs in one basket

The world has evolved quite a bit, and the competition has increased so much that most of us cannot rely only on one source of income. The same is the case with affiliate marketing. 

Don’t rely on a single brand or product throughout your affiliate marketing journey. Have many affiliates – the more the merrier! 

Sign up to multiple affiliate accounts, but be sure you are organizing your links and branding graphics, that can get messy. 

Think about all the different brands you use and trust and sign up for their affiliate plans, if possible. Your goal should be to sign up for at least 10 affiliate programs to increase your recurring revenue.  

Affiliate Marketing Techniques

As you get into the affiliate marketing groove, improve your techniques with our help. Remember, it’s always best if you start slow and grow smart. 

Be a social nerd

Staying social is one of the most effective tips for affiliate marketing. 

When you post on social media, you are bridging the gap to be a part of online and offline events. There you will get to know about a lot of other people working in the same field.

It will not only provide you with a lot of exposure, but you will also be able to establish a lot of links. These people will be very helpful to you in the future. 

This also builds a nice connection with other brands to become affiliates for! Stay on the lookout for new brands on social media – and the successful affiliates that make them money. Connect with both! 

Offer cross-promotional freebies  

If you’re working with multiple affiliates, feel free to share across different platforms at the same time. 

If each affiliate works in a different industry, you can promote two at the same time, or even three if you’re skilled enough. 

For example, you can offer a discounted WordPress plugin for SEO and also a WordPress page builder in the same blog article because they don’t do the same things. 

Offer freebies for these if you can – sometimes when you sign up for affiliate programs, they will send you some swag. It’s fun to share that with the world if you can. 

Define and own your audience

When working as an affiliate, it does not matter how hard you work if you are not working with the right audience.

One of the most effective affiliate marketing techniques for you is to make two things clear about your audience. One that you decide the right audience, and two that you own your audience.

Make great relationships and direct contact with the clients, especially in these virtual times. Write content that speaks to them. Share posts that are relevant – that’s owning your audience. 

A part of owning your audience is being there for them. Answer those questions and be available online as much as you can. Everyone loves a good share from a friend.

See how much engagement you can drum up and then hit them with your affiliate link! POW! 

Wrapping Up: Affiliate Marketing For You 

These affiliate marketing tips and tricks should get you the boost you need to get your program going. We know it takes time to set it all up. 

What affiliate marketing tricks have you learned? We’d love to hear from you! 

Reach out to us at A is for Affiliate for a free affiliate audit or help with your affiliate program any time. 

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