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Affiliate Marketing Fails (2021) 

We’ve all failed. We know the drill. But these affiliate marketing fails are avoidable so, we decided to share them – so you don’t make the mistakes that we once did. 

Life’s full of blunders just waiting to take you unaware, and it’s up to you to keep sharp and stay one step ahead of them. That’s why we’ve dedicated a post towards the affiliate marketing equivalents of putting your shirt on backward or pouring orange juice into your cereal.

We’ve already covered how affiliates can go the extra mile in achieving success, and now we’re taking a look at the exact opposite. So get your notepad ready and put those reading glasses on, because here are some of the top affiliate marketing fails of 2021!

We’ve all failed. We know the drill. But these affiliate marketing fails are avoidable so, we decided to share them - so you don’t make the mistakes that we once did. #affiliatefails

Forgetting To Add Your Link

An affiliate without their link is just someone talking about a company, and that ain’t gonna pay the bills for themselves or their partnered brand. That’s why it’s important, no, ESSENTIAL, that you pass around your affiliate link like it’s a hot potato. 

Whichever compensation model you’re operating under, your level of success will depend upon your ability to spread that enticing blue link. Do it, and do it often. Forget to do it and you’ll regret it (and so will your bank balance).

Not Leveraging Social Media

These days, social media is at the center of an affiliate’s communication toolset; it’s arguably more important than good old-fashioned talking. By slacking on your social media game or—dare we say it—not using social media at all, you’re slamming the door on whole swathes of potentially interested buyers and clients. 

Programs like Buffer can be a great help with social media. It lets you queue up posts, track your presence and organize whole social media campaigns. Plus, there are even WordPress plugins like WordPress to Buffer which you can use to link your social media presence and WordPress site!

Not Keeping Track of the Calendar

Between holidays, festivals, and novelties like “international talk like a pirate day”, every single day is dedicated to something. 

As an affiliate, it’s 100% in your interest to keep track of what’s going on in the calendar, whether it be Halloween or international chess day, and use the opportunity to share your referral link in a natural way that lets you maintain your integrity. Too many affiliates neglect these golden opportunities and miss out on some effective and organic promotional windows as a result.

For instance, National BFF Day is on June 8th. If you’re partnered with a company that sells giftable products, then that’s a hole-in-one right there.

Ignoring Those Promotional Emails

We’ll let you in on a secret: your partnered brands want you—like, really want you—to succeed. When they send you promotional emails for you to share around with your followers, it’s to help you get clicks and earn a hefty commission. Don’t ignore them! 

As we’ve established, email marketing campaigns are still one of the most lucrative for affiliates. You’d be a fool to not accept this helping hand.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Of course, one of the greatest blunders an affiliate marketer can commit is to partner with a brand or organization that doesn’t know its stuff. With us at A is for Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about that. Stick with us and you’ll never come within a million miles of any of the above blunders (okay, admittedly we still burn our toast sometimes).

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Get in touch! We’d be happy to have a chat about your affiliate needs.

Until then, sloth on! 

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