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How to Create Affiliate Marketing Banners That Are Shareworthy (2021) 

Banners are the ever-reliable workhorse of your affiliate marketing arsenal. Used well, and managed effectively, affiliate marketing banners will be the thing you can always count on to drive engagement, generate sales, and keep the focus on your brand.

What does “used well” mean, though? 

Put simply, a good banner is one that your affiliates will be excited to share; it’s one that they’ll be proud to place alongside their blog, on their website, or attached to personalized emails. 

In fact, affiliate marketing banners made it on our countdown of the top email marketing techniques, so you know it’s important. 

There are no two ways about it, banners are a big deal, so how do you get them right? Let’s dive in. 

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What’s an Affiliate Marketing Banner, Anyways? 

If you don’t know what a banner is, that’s ok! You’ve probably come across a few today already, as they are pretty popular. 

A banner is a rectangular or square-shaped advertisement placed on a website that holds branded images and texts to get someone to take an action. They include “calls to action” in that they want the visitor to click, engage or buy. 

The fun part is that you get to customize them for your brand! So let’s chat about how we can do just that. 

Make Your Banner Colorful

What’s life without a splash of color? Not all-too exciting, right? 

In the same way, your affiliate marketing banners won’t be anything worth sharing or even looking at, without some vibrant colors to draw the eye. 

Naturally, it’s important that any color scheme for your affiliate banners suits your brand and matches your target audience. Stay in tune with your affiliate branding, of course. 

You can try your hand at banner creation with software like Photoshop, but if you’re not the creative type there are a wealth of services, such as Colorcinch or Canva, devoted to shouldering the burden for you! Manage your customizability with a reliable WordPress plugin like Custom Banners

Use Your Logo

Your affiliates will be eager to embrace your brand and promote their partnership when they connect with your logo. 

Therefore, one of the key things that absolutely must “pop” in your affiliate banners, if you want your affiliates excited to share them, is your logo. 

Your banners could be the flashiest, most appealing things since limousines with mini-fridges, but if they’re not instantly recognizable as yours, your affiliates will be hesitant to share them.

Struggling to integrate your logo into marketing banners? Don’t fret! 

If you outsource affiliate marketing, that will be taken care of. Design work like banners frees you to make the most of your time and skills to grow your business. Let a team take care of your side hustle. 

Embrace People Power

Do you want attention-grabbing banners? You need to make the most of ‘people power’. 

Use your people to really build a connection. 

And smile! Humans are hardwired to respond positively to the sight of other humans, especially if they’re smiling. Your banners, then, will garner serious levels of trust and attention if they’re able to leverage the human face, and all of the emotions attached. Check out this fun graphic that just makes you want to smile, click or even join the tribe. 

Check out this smiling banner ad from QuickSprout

Go Big, Go Bold, Get Moving

Bold text and vivid, easily-clicked buttons are the bread and butter of banner creation. It might be a simple concept, but all the best ones are. 

After all, it’s in both your and your affiliates’ interest to make your brand’s key offerings a central focus, and nothing communicates those all-important details like bold text.

If you wanted to go a step further, though, you could enhance your banners with dynamic, animated elements. There is a wide range of WordPress plugins, like Custom Banners Pro, which you can use to implement all manner of stylistic flourishes to your banners. 

Alternatively, our white label affiliate program can take care of it, and everything else mentioned in today’s blog, to the highest of professional standards.

A is for A Wrap-Up

Give your banners the right amount of care and attention, and your affiliates will be spreading the good word more. That means more MRR for you. 

If you want some assistance with banners or anything else in the world of affiliate marketing, feel free to get in touch! We’d be happy to chat with you about your affiliate plans. 

If you want to learn more about our white label affiliate marketing plans, we are happy to give you a free affiliate audit. Until then…

Sloth on! 

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