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How to Make an Affiliate Landing Page 

If there’s one point we’re always eager to hammer home, it’s that your affiliate landing page is the key to success in the affiliate marketing world. 

It’s the first touchpoint your affiliates may see! 

Do you want to meet your engage and connect with your potential affiliates? By getting yourself a high-quality, effective landing page, you’ll be on your way to having more loyal fans. 

Get ready to make yourself a landing page that converts like crazy with this handy guide!

What Makes a Good Affiliate Landing Page?

Let’s keep it simple. The best landing pages well with minimal components. 

More than anything, you’ll absolutely want to avoid overwhelming your visitors with too much information. Stick to the basics like, what information they need to know and where to click. 

Meet some of the folks who have made the affiliate marketing life work for them. 

So, what should your affiliate landing page say? Let’s review. 

What Your Landing Page Should Say

  • What your visitors can expect to gain.
  • What makes your product/service unique.
  • Why your visitors need to act NOW.
  • Why your visitors should believe you.

Oh, and be sure to make it snappy; present the information in a way that lets visitors absorb it in a glance. 

For more information on getting started in affiliate marketing, check out our Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guide.

How to Make an Affiliate Landing Page

Perfect Your Affiliate Marketing Website

You can’t very well have a successful landing page without a top-notch website underneath it. Don’t already have one? There’s no need to panic! 

We recommend checking out our website resources for web hosting, page builders and plugins you may need. Once you’ve got a domain secured, it’s time to start creating your site and getting your affiliate marketing initiative off the ground. 

They are some of the most user-friendly yet powerful website builders out there, giving you complete freedom in how you craft your affiliate marketing hub.

Make Use of a Page Builder

Companies like WordPress offer competent page-building tools, but there’s no replacement for the ease-of-use and professional results afforded by page builder plugins. 

At A is for Affiliate, we use Elementor, it’s a powerful page builder that integrates with our affiliate marketing pages easily. 

With easy drag-and-drop interfaces and countless page templates, page builders are unbeatable ways to make your landing page sing!

Install Other Helpful Plugins

Your landing page will benefit from a whole host of other plugins too. 

For example, SEOPress is a Google Analytics-powered tool that, among many other things, shows you where users have entered your website from. This clears any uncertainty surrounding which marketing methods are working as they should. 

WPForms is another top tool that provides various forms for your website, ideal for easing uncertain visitors’ concerns about your offering.

Need help with plugins for your landing page? We’d be happy to show you the plugins-and-outs.

A is for A Wrap Up: Make an Affiliate Landing Page

When you become an affiliate or start an affiliate program, your landing page can make or break the entire program. 

No pressure. 

Your landing page should fill your visitor with excitement and relief. Get it right and you’ll be well on your way to success in no time!

If you need help building a landing page for your affiliate program, reach out to the team at A is for Affiliate. We offer white label affiliate marketing and affiliate coaching – any time you’re ready. Get in touch!

Good luck out with those affiliate landing pages! 

Sloth on.

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